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About Me

Graphic Designer. Wood Carver. Calligrapher. Dart Player. Creative Director. Scoutmaster. Art Director. Photographer. BWCA Veteran Canoeist. Roller Skater. Copy Writer. Mr. Fixit. Typographer. Camper. Web Designer. Wood Worker. Plus Husband, Dad, Grandpa, Uncle, Big Brother, and Friend.

I wear, or I have worn, all of those hats over the years. Quite a skill set, now that I think about it.

Photography became a passion in the Spring of 1960 when I bought my first serious 35mm camera -- a Honeywell Pentax with a manual focus, 50mm lens -- no light meter; just f-stops, shutter speeds, and an ASA setting. Thanks to some good teachers (a College Professor and a Photojournalist Brother to recall two) I learned how to use that tool to create great images. The interesting part is I am still enjoying; still learning, after 50+ years. And, even though everything is digital and automatic today, the basics still come into play when good images are the result of pushing the shutter release button. Basic concepts like focal length, the "Rule of Sunny 16ths.", the "Rule of Thirds", composition, gray values, wide angle parallax, perspective, etc.

Now that film and film equipment have gone the way of the 8-track cassette, pixels are a buck a megabyte, and I'm recently retired, there's noting to keep me from picking up the camera and framing another shot.

Are we having fun yet?

You bet!