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About Me

Being a Respiratory Therapist has brought human discomfort into focus for me. Photography has become a way of re-focusing on the great pleasures of life. The world - once vast and overwhelming, now becomes detailed and exceptional through the lens of a camera.

I believe a camera is the greatest gift to give, as it teaches one to look beyond themselves and encourages pause and reflection.

~ 6/12

It's been a pleasure, and honor, and it's been life-changing. My skills evolved right before your eyes, and much of it was due to your words of encouragement. Do not under estimate the power of your word to others.

This site has afforded me the venue to be published in a book and with an ad agency. Others are using it as a resource for their offices. It is exciting and humbling. Above all else, through this outreach, I have become friends with some of the most enriching people in my life.

I am pleased, that photography is a pleasure that I will be able to enjoy for the remainder of my life, as long as God grants me eyesight.

~ 5/13

It has been a year of many wonderful changes in my life ... meeting Chuck and exploring the many sights Minnesota offers, as well as meeting many of you - and finding gracious people from all walks of life. Congrats to all you fine photographers and your persistence in showing that Minnesota is a glorious state even in -40 degree temps!

~ 4/14