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9/19/17 Update,
Culling day today - Judging by your interest level (Number of votes, loves, or comments for photos uploaded a month or more ago) 23 "low activity" photos were deleted today.

6/26/14 Updated
I am an amateur photographer working at improving my craft. This site is instrumental in helping me along in that endeavor, particularly in the motivation area. All of the comments that I have received have been generous and encouraging. On the flip side, today I deleted a couple dozen photos that have, over time, generated little interest; your way of providing the "negative" critique necessary to help one improve. In the future if you see something in a photo that strikes you as needing some help please go ahead and make your statement. By what I have seen on this site you are certainly qualified to provide critical feedback on my work. Thank you in advance.

On photography:
I find that I see more when I carry a camera, the tool keeps me engaged in the process of being aware of what's going on around me. Sometimes my attempts at the art of photography reward me with an image that I really like, sometimes not so much. In the end the photo was a success simply because it forced me to see.

Hope you all continue to enjoy your photographic journey.


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