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piercing the veil by Mike Lawrence
Mike Lawrence

piercing the veil by Mike Lawrence in Landscapes

last night with a dense fog warning in effect i ventured out into the danger to chase the light. dead ends,sketchy roads,visibility less then a quarter of a mile and no jacket since i forget it at home stacked against me. lots of frustration,frantic feelings and unrepeatable words filled me as i tried my best to see and navigate the whiteout conditions. pockets of clear showed me what i was missing in the heavens above. active northern lights visible to the naked eye danced from east horizon to west horizon and filled the sky with a glow. those clear spots would fall apart with fog as soon as they came and the rat race continued. finally made it to a spot on my list by white knuckling it the whole way because of the lack of visibility. the fog was coming and going in thickness levels and the air temp a cold crisp 16 degrees. the fog froze to all it touched shimmering like crystals in the silent still cold foggy night. the air burned my lugs as i inhaled the cold and my face burned as the winds kissed my cheeks. this was easily the most intense image i have ever taken on all my senses and emotions and for that it will hold a special place in my brain. thanks for looking

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