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just another day of harvest on the groen farm by scott hankel
scott hankel

just another day of harvest on the groen farm by scott hankel in Farming

my friend and co-workers husbands farm equipment sits as he waits for better weather. taken last weekend.

for the city slickers.
the reason for farmers not harvesting after a snow, is because the snow will melt some in the combine and plug it up and the corn will not be transferred to the tank on the top. it will pass through the machine and fall back on the ground behind the combine. or the snow is already too wet. they can combine corn when temps get cold enough that the snow stays frozen as it passes through the threshing part of the combine. everything has to be dry for it to work right. so if you see farm equipment sitting during the day and then going at night with snow on the ground, that's usually the reason. the night time temps allow them to continue harvest. and recently, the daytime temps have been cold enough. seems like winter wanted to start early.

that's the lesson for today, that'll be $19.95.

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