Capture Minnesota II Book Update

Capture Minnesota II book Update

We have a few Capture Minnesota II book updates for you...

Here's something truly remarkable: we wrapped up the Capture Minnesota II book phase with an incredible 222,705 photo submissions and 8,786,491 votes. In every way, the Capture Minnesota community exceeded our expectations. Thanks to you all!

Just like the first volume, putting the Capture Minnesota II book together has been tons of fun with so many talented photographers contributing so many great photos of Minnesota. The layout of the book will be done in a couple weeks, then off to press it goes! As we start to finalize the layout and turn our attention to the promotion and sale of the book, there are a few things you should be aware of.

First, the book is on sale for $29,95, which is $10 off. This pre-sale discount is set to expire soon. Get your order in today to ensure the discounted price! The Capture Minnesota II book makes the perfect Mothers Day, Fathers Day or graduation gift, so scoop up as many as you can at this pre-sale price.

Second, we want to be sure you are up to speed on what to expect in terms of notification of selection for publication in the book. Once we wrap up the final proof and send the files off to press, we will notify selected photographers by awarding a badge for each published photographer. This also sends out an email if you've opted to get badge notifications in your user settings. We anticipate this will happen by the end of March.

Once the published photographer badges have been awarded, it's a test of patience for everyone (us included) as we wait for the finished books to roll off the presses. We will be counting down the days! After the book is released we will award published photo badges to each specific photo that was selected for publication. The reason we award published photographer badges first then award published photo badges after release is simple: to build anticipation for the release of the book!

As we have more details about the book, we'll let you know. In the meantime, keep submitting the best of Minnesota, vote for your faves, participate in a challenge and tell your friends about this great community!

Chris Fenison

posted by Chris Fenison

published almost 6 years ago in Capture Minnesota News