Capture Minnesota: Volume VI

Announcing Capture Minnesota 6

After five highly-popular books, we are pleased to announce the next installment in the Capture Minnesota series, Capture Minnesota Volume VI.

Minnesota features some of the country's most dynamic scenery, stunning architecture, warmest people and diverse wildlife. The upcoming Capture Minnesota Volume VI book will showcase Minnesota's beauty through the eyes of Minnesota photographers in a unique and compelling way by inviting photographers to submit their photos to themed photo contests, then asking for votes to help us select the best photos for publication in the book.

Photo contests: As a part of our effort to compile the best Minnesota photography, we're running contests specifically for the Capture Minnesota Volume VI book. We'll publish the people's choice and editors' choice winners from each of these Capture Minnesota Volume VI contests:

Architecture and Landmarks: we're looking for Minnesota's classic landmarks and hidden gems, as well as architecture from across the state.

Minnesota People: we're looking to showcase the diversity of people in Minnesota, and what makes us a unique community.

Scapes of All Sorts: landscapes, waterscapes, skyscapes, and so on.

Fun, Minnesota Style: show us what makes Minnesota the best place to play! From sports to recreation to festivals, we want to see how Minnesota does fun.

Nature: we're looking for Minnesota's stunning nature. From wildlife to weather phenomenon, this is the spot to showcase nature.

Living in Minnesota: we want to see how Minnesotans work and live. Industries, on the job, or more general life shots are welcome.

Get involved: We are accepting submissions for the Capture Minnesota Volume VI book now! Want to get involved? Here's how:

  1. If you're not yet a registered Capture Minnesota user, sign up for free, here. If you're already a user, go ahead and login.

  2. Navigate to the book details page, here, then click the "opt in" button near the top of the page. With that button pressed, all of your previous photo submissions are eligible for inclusion in the Capture Minnesota Volume VI book.

  3. Submit new photos (as many as 20 per week) across a wide array of categories.

  4. Add your photos to a Capture Minnesota Volume VI contest, then vote for your favorites! The people's choice and editors' choice winners from each Capture Minnesota Volume VI contest will be published in the book! We'll also publish some top choices outside of designated contests, but adding your photos to a Capture Minnesota Volume VI contest will give it a better chance to get votes and be seen by our editors. There are also some great prizes to be won in each contest! As a side note, keep in mind the voting systems for both the contests are general Capture Minnesota submissions are aware of how old a photo is, which means older photos with more votes do not have a "head start" on newer photos in fewer votes. In other words, submit new photos as you take them and don't worry about how old or new your photos are.

  5. Share your photos with friends and family and invite them to vote. The more votes a photo receives, the more likely it is to be seen by our editors.

Special discount: The first 200 customers can save $20 off the retail price with coupon code CapMNinsiderEarly here, for a limited time. If you miss out as one of the first 200 customers, you'll still get the $10 pre-sale discount for a few months and you can use discount code CapMNinsider to save $5 more dollars. Release will be in early November 2018!

Jump in: If you haven't visited the Capture Minnesota site in a while, now is a great time to jump back in. Get involved with the Capture Minnesota VI book and show us your great photos!

Chris Fenison

posted by Chris Fenison

published 10 months ago in Capture Minnesota News