Gunflint Trail

The Gunflint Trail is the longest and most-used of the "trails" that run from Lake Superior up into the Superior National Forest. It runs for about 55 miles from Grand Marais to Gull Lake, flirting with the Canadian border at several points on its way..

The road is dotted with resorts as well as a few Natl Forest and commercial campgrounds all along its way. There are several hiking trails and a few interpretive sites along the way, too, as well a s many intersecting roads to explore.

The last 9 miles or so of the road goes through the area that was burned out by the 2007 Ham Lake fire. The fire burned for a week and torched about 140 buildings on the Minnesota side in addition to the acres of forest that it leveled. The area is coming back, but is still barely recognizable. It was tragic all the way around. The man who was charged with starting the fire committed suicide about a year later.

It's still a beautiful, well-worth-it hour and a half (one way) drive to take if you're up there and have the time.

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