**Hello everyone!

It seems to me, that we have not been utilizing this great feature of "Groups" that has been provided to us. There are no conversations or discussions in this group so far. I want to change this.

Questions to get started

  • What is your favorite things to photograph with long exposure?
  • What is your favorite picture you took of long exposure? (you can add a link to it)
  • What is your dream exposure picture to take?

Please join to conversation, anyone and everyone that is interested!

Angie Where to begin?? Love stair trails, milky way, northern lights, water movement. My favorite shot is the Milky Way on Rainy Lake-- don't have photo to post yet Dream shot would be to take the Milky Way in Arches National park.


My dream pic to take, right now, be the Milky Way. Maybe, the milky way over a lake, its so beautiful!

New to long exposures. But there is something uniquely fun about it-I feel like its a game to find the perfect settings on the camera and they to play with the settings. The possibilites are endless... and since I am new I want to learn how to utilize it more. Dream pic is of course the same-Milky Way over some landmark. :)

Interesting question Angie. I really like using long exposure on water and lights. Light trails, whether stars, cars or carnival rides, can be fun, colorful and eautiful. There are a lot really good examples of all of these here on CM. Here is a link to one of my shots of light trails from cars http://www.captureminnesota.com/photos/1424467

Love Waterfalls and water in general. I have done some long night shots of lighthouses but still need to work on it. Waterfalls are my thing. got some great stuff on this website love to get some feedback. http://kyle-krosting.artistwebsites.com/index.html

here is my link on this sight. http://www.captureminnesota.com/users/2kkrosting