I have Coneflowers, Liatris, Tall Phlox, Heliopsis, Coreopsis, Clematis, and others I would have to ask the wife the names of. I included a couple of newer photos to the group of some of these. Let's see what's in your flower beds.

Santa cruz, Cheyenne Spirit Echinacea, Marigolds, Lupine and Daisy's. I know a small flower garden, have a slightly small area to plant.

But I also have to share it with some veggies such as, green beans, jalapenos, cherry tomatoes and cilantro. Used to have onions too but I planted them to late and they never made it, so I said screw it and pulled them up.

We have a veggie garden - with spinach and strawberries right now. But in our flower garden we have iris, daisies and a bunch of other flowers that I can't remember. My husband does the gardening and I take the photos.

Oh and roses too. But that is the extent of my knowledge on Botany. LOL