Getting things stared here. I actually have two images for that I would consider favorites.

First would be DP82 “Home at Last” A 4X5 Black and White image. It is a favorite because at the time we were living in Walker 2 1/2 hours away from Canal Park and I was talking to a friend in Duluth who told me about the unusual weather that was happening. A quick call to the Boat hotline and found out that the Roger Blough was due in the next day and was the last ship in that season. We took off for Duluth with all the equipment in tow. The next morning it was about -30 degrees and dead calm, The blough was a tiny spot on the horizon so I set up my 4X5 and framed my image and was ready well before the ship got to the canal. Being that I was shooting sheet film I would expose both Color and B&W film(both 100ASA). With the speed the ship I was able to shoot several sheets of both, the odd thing that both are great images however the B&W has so much more impact.

Then 35-961490 “Louis R. Desmarais Entering Duluth Harbor” This image was made from the lift bridge from the out side of the control room. It was a process to get permission to ride up on the bridge. It was a unique experience and I will remember it always. The wind was so strong I was afraid that the images might not be very sharp, by leaning into the wind and bracing for it I was hold steady to make sharp images.

I love to hear about your favorite images.


Hey Peter,

Your images are great. I have always thought about how cool it would be to be able to get a shot from atop the raised bridge.

This past September I joined this site and have been throughly enjoying seeing all the talented artists works. It make me strive to be a better photographer. The end of Sept. I went to Duluth for the Autumn Soiree coordinated by John Heino. I met some wonderful people, and shared a day experiencing the sights, sounds and hospitality of not only Duluth, but of the wonderful friends I made.

I have 2 favorite images from that weekend. First would be Duluth Sunrise #2, as this was my first morning trying to capture any sunrise, I was very pleased with the results. but this image stands out as my favorite. As the sun crested the horizon I captured a few shots, then as I was walking back down the pier, I turned to look at a boat going through the canal and saw the glow from behind the south pier lighthouse. So I set up the tripod again, and took a few more shots. As luck would have it, the helicopter made a circling pass out over the 'Cinnamon' ship anchored outside the harbor, and heading across the south pier light. I clicked the shot hoping to catch the helicopter above the lighthouse, and with a stroke of luck, it happened to be centered between the smokestack and the beacon.

My second favorite from the Autumn Soiree would be my Sunrise Reflections shot, showing the sun cresting in the windows of the Marine Museum. This shot is particularly interesting as it came from the small group of us that met that morning chatting about when we were going to head up to Hawk Ridge to take in the sights up there. I happened to be facing the Museum and noticed that the center panel was starting to glow. So as we were all chatting and getting to know one another, I swung the camera up and caught a couple shots. To me delight, this one had the sun cresting, and upon closer inspection, days after posting this shot, I noticed what looks like to me the reflection of a couple of seagulls gracing the swirls in the window.

Thanks for starting a conversation here, I look forward to seeing others works that I may not have seen yet.