Hello everyone, first of all thank you for joining the group and sharing your photo's on here. I'm so glad to see you all join!

If anyone would like to share their tips for taking children photography please feel free to do so, it's always nice to know how others go about this.

I'm more of a spontaneous photographer when it comes to children photography vs. posed. I feel that you can capture a better photo when you catch them doing something that they love, catch them at that perfect moment of pure happiness and laughter. Really that goes for any people photography in general IMO. I try and stay afar, enough so they pay no mind to the camera, I don't like to have them feel self conscious like they are suppose to pose and then it becomes less fun, I like to get them in their natural environment and keep that shutter pressed during action moments. This is just how I do things for the most part, not saying it's the right way or the way everyone should do it, it just works best for me. Now I've done posed shot's as well as I'm sure I have a few of them in my gallery, I just don't seem to like them as much as I do the spontaneous ones.

Looking forward to hearing your techniques on how you shoot children photography.

What I generally do is plan to take extra time with the child. If you rush a child or try to force a pose or put your adult agenda on them, it will usually backfire or the photo will look forced. If you take a few extra minutes to talk to the child, and explain what is going on (age appropriate) the child will usually feel more comfortable, and be able to open up to you better (which will show in the photos).