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Your Top 3

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With the submission and voting deadline for Capture Minnesota IV fast approaching, let's see your favorite three photos. For this challenge, you can only submit three shots, so be sure to pick your best ones. If you've opted into the Capture Minnesota IV usage terms, all of your photos along with all the votes they've been accumulating are eligible for consideration in the book, but this challenge is meant to highlight the few photos you think are worth consideration. The editors' choice and people's choice winners will both win a gift card and publication in the book!

So, submit your best three photos for consideration in the Capture Minnesota IV book, then ask everyone you know to rate your photos within the challenge and vote for all of your photos on your profile page. While you're at it, don't forget to make sure you are opted into the Capture Minnesota IV agreement (click opt-in button at top of page) so your photos will be considered for the book, then pre-order the Capture Minnesota IV book while it's on sale!

Challenge over, that's a wrap folks! We ended up with 1,169 photos and 325,792 votes

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