Minnesota in Seasons: Summer

Minnesota in Seasons: Summer

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As a part of our Minnesota in Seasons book challenge series, we're looking for photos that showcase the summer season across Minnesota. Landscapes, summer events, kids having fun in the water and other classic summer scenes will certainly be included, but we're looking for photos that capture the essence of summer across Minnesota in a deeper way, too. How do you focus on summer? Let's see Minnesota life in summer!

Upload your best photos, then rate your favorites to help determine the winner of this challenge and help pick the photos that will be published in the Minnesota in Seasons hardcover book. The people's choice and editors' choice winners from this challenge will each be published in the Minnesota in Seasons book!

Share the challenge with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or via email by clicking the "share with friends" button below. Everyone is welcome to help pick the best photos in this challenge and upload photos of their own!

Challenge over, that's a wrap folks! We ended up with 5,916 photos and 136,803 votes

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