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About Me

Since I live in La Crosse, Wis. Minnesota is just a quick drive away. Two summer trips to the Rockies and several hiking adventures in the mountains spurred my interest in photography. I was struck anew at the natural beauty in Colorado Rockies. That first trip west in 2009 primed my interest. So now I seek beauty here where I live. Most of my shots of beauty are landscapes , but I am reaching out to closer views, and other subject matter too. I still consider myself a novice, but compared to where I was in 2009, I like to think I have learned a lot since then. But that opinion is relative as I witness so much talent on this webpage and Capture Wisconsin. Looking at others photography can only help hone one's own composition skills and technical savvy. I don't need to win awards, they are nice but satisfaction with a shot is it's own reward. Being internally motivated will keep the interest going but a bit of encouragement along the way is good too. I hope to be an encourager with my observations. Thanks for your shots and taking a look at mine. Maybe we will cross paths someday in the real world!