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About Me

I would describe myself as an avid amateur with semi-professional ambitions, mainly in the fine art arena - although I also shoot panoramic virtual tours and enjoy photographing bands from time to time.

I've had cameras since I was young, including a nice 35mm SLR, but I didn't shoot regularly until buying my first digital camera in 2005. I found myself carrying the camera while hiking and fishing, and getting a fair number of good images. I stepped up to my first dSLR in 2009, and since then I've logged nearly 65,000 exposures (as of April, 2013). My entire system lives in a backpack, and it literally goes everywhere with me - many of my favorite shots have been opportunistic captures.

Initially, landscape and wildlife images dominated my collection. But I've done the majority of that in my home state of Wisconsin and the western U.P. of Michigan, so I can't show much of my "core" work here on CM. But those outings tend to be fairly directed, while living in the Twin Cities has provided opportunities to experiment with a much broader range of styles, techniques and subject matter. I'm finding myself more and more interested in the urban landscapes of the Twin Cities, especially at night.

I'm also participating in Capture Wisconsin and Capture Door County, continuing to shoot like crazy, and trying to assemble a fine art catalog and associated marketing infrastructure - while leaving enough time for my other recreational interests and a "real" job. So I apologize for not being a prolific voter and commentator, but rest assured that if you vote or comment on my photos, I do make a point of looking at your work, and I've been delighted to find so many other really good photographers appreciating my work.