Fresh from the Garden!

These Snapping Turtle hatchlings started appearing in our garden this morning! Almost every year, we see a large female who appears to be looking for a place to lay eggs in our garden. A couple of months ago, my husband saw her in the process and afterwards put a loose covering of boards over the site to offer protection from the raccoons and fox. As many of 90% of turtle nests are raided before the babies hatch. The make-shift fortification worked, and this morning my husband called me down when he saw a little critter scooting across the driveway. We watched another 9 emerge and saw that there are more still to come. Only 1 in 20 hatchlings survives its first year, so we increased their odds a little by providing them a safe journey to their home pond. We may have cheated an owl or hawk out of a snack, but there isn't anything we can do to protect the hatchlings from the herons and even adult Snapping Turtles that think these little babies make a tasty morsel. That's Mother Nature for you....

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Sara Payne Sara Payne

Taken 1:29 PM on September 27, 2011
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Golden Valley, MN
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