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the road to no by scott hankel
scott hankel

the road to no by scott hankel in Weather

this was taken around 7 am yesterday morning as the storm continued to gather strength as it rolled across the landscape. soon after i took this shot, the storm sped up kicking up dirt and debris turning my surroundings into an eerie black! i jumped into my truck and turned around, but i was caught up in it. with the sound of the dirt hitting and how my truck shook, i felt a little uneasy! there were times i couldn't see the road from how much dirt was in the air! it was like a black blizzard! i was pretty relieved when i walked into my house!! we didn't get much for hail and some medium branches were blown off our trees, but the willmar area got it a lot worse!

the pink is from lightning. every shot i took had this. not sure why, but i'm not complaining.

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