When I look at pics in the camera, they look promising, and when downloading, they might look great, until the last nanosecond, some kind of adjustment is made and it ALWAYS reduces the quality of the photo in some way. I have looked at settings in LR, and can't seem to find anything that would add an adjustment of any kind. I've tried other forums but there doesn't seem to be any answer. Hopefully the amazing photographers @ captureMN can offer me a clue! Thankyou!

If you are shooting in Raw, that is LR just doing the RAW processing. They will look dull until you start making adjustments in LR. If you are shooting JPEGS they will look more like they looked in camera, but they still need a little adjustment to make them look good. I read once that all digital photos meed some work to bring out their full potential. What i do is if I like the comp and the sharpness of the photo I will work on it, if not I delete. I always take more then one shot of something, but only save one, I don't need multiple shot of the same thing.

There is a gathering place for CMers at Underground Café in St. Paul and if you live around TC. and have notebook or so can bring an image and show to others to see what you exactly talking about. Imaging is very involved and small change can make a big different in the medium that is being viewed. Or send or post an image so others can see what is the issue. The gathering information is on the Forum and accessible below.

Thank you Nasser, I am so glad to know about this! I'm not in Minnesota right now, but will definitely try to get to one of those gatherings in St. Paul when I return. In the meantime, will see if I can capture what is happening, perhaps an iphone video...Thanks again!

Wayne, thank you for your input on this frustrating problem! I always shoot RAW, and wasn't aware of the LR difference in processing. It is true that most images need adjustment. But my point is that perhaps they wouldn't if LR didn't make this little adjustment! Agreed that some photos are not worth working on, and it's taken me a while to get to the point where I can see that, before spending any time on them.

Before I used LR I used Aperture and it was the same way. If there is a program that converts RAW photo without making them dull, I am not aware of it.