Now that the annual book party is over and the book is shipped and people are getting a chance to see it, I thought I'd see some comments of evaluation. Of course, we'd like to congratulate those photographers selected to be published this year out of the CM community! So sound off with your thoughts!!

I thought all the photos were beautiful. A well done book!

Stats for Book 5 Minnesota in Seasons Positive notes about this year's book: 72 Full page images More Recent Photos! After years of 2011-12 photos dominating the recent books, 32/221 were 2011-12 and 131/221 were 2015-16. TPT put on a really nice book opening presentation.

Prior Year's Books: Number of photos ranged from 236-280 Number of photographers: 167-221 Pages are the same each year

CM 5 Minnesota in Seasons Number of photos= 221 Number of photographers= only 124!

Photographers with more than 2 or more images= 46 *People w/ 3 images = 9 *People w/ 4 images = 5 ! *People w/ 5 images = 3 ! *People w/ 6 images = 3 !! *and 2 People with 7 images each !!!!

94 of the 221 photos _(43%) are submitted by only 22 photographers !! with 32 photos coming from just 5 photographers.!!_

When you submitted seemed to be important as 46 photos were submitted within a couple weeks of the Aug deadline and had very low vote totals. There were many people with multiple photos whose photos were all selected from a 1 week window. One person with only 9 photos posted had 3 selected all from the same day. At least 8 photographers had not been active for at least 1 year. 15 had fewer than 25 photos posted. 6 had 9 or less.

Though there 72 full page photos this year which was nice, some people received those special spots more than others. 9 photographers had 2 full size images, 4 had 3 and Special note: one photographer with 7 images had 6 of them be full page. 6 out of 7 full page ! The other person with 7 photos published had 3 of them at full page size. That meant that only 15 photographers accounted for 38 (more than half) of the 72 full page photos and 9 of the 72 full pages came from just 2 people!

So Capture Minnesota, you might ask why after 4 years of capacity crowds for the book opening was this year's event barely a blip? Well timing could have been better but when you could have had 100 more photographers in the book if you'd go for 1 photographer = 1 photo, you might have more people interested. Every year there are a hundred thousand photos submitted and thousands of that are amazing enough for the book - there are certainly more than 124 photographers whose work could have been part of this quality publication.

I think the poor attendance was because some people are giving up hope of ever getting published. Or because they held it on the day before deer hunting opener. Everybody knows that's a holiday in MN.

Choice of dates was not optimum and when people realized that so many were basically ignored in the process of choosing photo's for publication . . . well it left a bad taste in many mouths. Those folks are, in many cases, great photographers too! I don't understand how a not-for-profit company can be so unfair. I appreciate being published and congratulate all who were. I also congratulate all those who weren't published for all the interaction of sharing of their work, commenting and voting. What Scott has done with stats is to help us all reach for publication by using strategy, etc. Sincerely, Brad

Those are pretty shocking stats that tell a sad story. Good thing we can make our own decisions about participation or not.

I have to say the stats Scott took the time to post kind of says a lot. It would seem it would benefit Capture and all the photographers who are taking the time to upload photos, if CM limited the number of photos printed in the book by one photographer, to a limit of one photo. I congratulate all those who were in the book, but it seems that CM could surely find more than 124 out of 221 photos that were not by the same photographers. I'm sorry but 43% of the photos all done by 22 photographers is a horrible statistic. Hopefully that will change if they do another book.

I say why give up your rights to have them published if they get the profit of your hard work. I post because I like the photographers on this sight and their talent but I also mark the box for my photos to not be used. I have done that on all capture sights. I got a few published in the CW book but I did'n't click the box in time for them to not have them in the book. I now submit my photos to contest that will pay for the photos . One good thing with CM and other capture sights is that people from company's see your work and ask if they can buy your photos.

Check out the stats on the latest book as compared with previous books. Pediment Publishing, Capture Minnesota, and TPT might want to review the results if they are interested in continuing and growing an interested photographer base.

The stats are included in my analysis posting near the beginning of the forum. Bruce, you already commented on them.